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Meet the Team

It's important to get to know the trainer who will work with you and your furry friend. Get to know a little bit about us down below and meet the team!

Kiki's Story

Hi! My professional journey began with a corporate company back in 2014 in Miami where I discovered how much I love training. I have hundreds of satisfied students from the east coast to the west coast of Florida from teaching puppy basics all the way to rehabilitation work.

Kiki in a Dogitive Shirt with her American Eskimo, Bolt
Min in a Dogitive shirt with her service dog mutt, Anna.

Min's Story

Hi! I got my start in 2018 with a corporate company. Since then I've worked with over 800 dogs on everything from potty training to agility and service work. I have extensive continued education in a variety of dog sciences including operant conditioning, service dogs, behavior modification, and scent work to name a few. My favorite part of training is when dogs and their people have a "Eureka" moment and everything clicks into place!

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